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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This is our Farm

When we hear the term "farm", it congures up a little different thought in everyone's minds.

Some people will think of a large commercial farm that employes hundreds of employees and has a fleet of farm vehicles to plant, fertilize, and harvest a variety of crops. Others will congure up the thought of a small business type farm that specializes in a particualar crop and takes these crops to a farmer's market.

Our little farm is special to us.  We like to think of ourselves as "subsistence" farmers.  We grow what we feel we need to sustain us until the following year.  We select what we want to grow, plant it nurture it, harvest it, and preserve it by freezing or canning it.  Any excess is given away to friends and family and periodically sold.  Selling any of our produce is NOT our primary focus.  Our primary focus is to work towards being self-sufficient.

This is now the third year we have planted a crop and we continue to learn how to simplify things and increase output.  We made tremendous strides in this area by incorporating some raised beds into our overall vegetable garden plan.

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